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Lock Liquidity.
Boost Trust.

Securely lock your liquidity with our security lockers and boost trust with your community and potential investors.

Boosts trust and buys by 20%+

When investors feel confident in your project, they will swap or infuse more money into your ecosystem along with your liquidity and marketing wallets.

Step 1: Choose Network

Click on choose network above and find the network where you would like to lock liquidity.

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Connect the wallet that contains the liquidity you are wanting to lock so it will recognize the liquidity available.

Step 3: Lock Liquidity

Choose how much liquitidy you are wanting to secure and choose the amount of time you are wanting to keep it locked.

Step 4: Announce

Announce that you locked the liquidity with SafeMutual to ensure the community that you are here to stay and watch the community rejoice and get excited!

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Would You Like To Lock Liquidity And Boost Investor Trust?